How to Authenticate Our APIs Within Patterns

To authenticate our APIs within a Patterns Component, do the following:

  1. Go to your Patterns Dashboard (
  2. Create a new Secret using your PDL API key.
    1. Go to the "Secrets" tab and click "Create Secret."
    2. Fill out the form with your PDL API Key. Make sure to set "Is sensitive?" to True.
  3. Go to the "Apps" tab and click "Create App."

Click "Create App" on the Patterns Dashboard

  1. Select "Blank App." (Optionally, use one of the featured templates that includes a PDL Node.)

  1. Use the default values, and click "Create App."

  1. Go to the Marketplace and search for "people data labs."

  1. Select a PDL Component.

  1. Add the PDL component to your App.

  1. Click "configure" on the component.

  1. Add your API Key to the component using your configured Secret.

  1. Add an input data source.