February 2024 Release Announcement (v25.1)


This announcement is for PDL Snowflake Customers

If you are a current PDL customer receiving data through Snowflake, please read this announcement regarding the upcoming changes to the Snowflake Table Schemas scheduled for the May 2024 (v26.1) release.

January 2024 Release Notes (v25)

v25.0 was released on 1/4/2024.

October 2023 Release Notes (v24)

v24.0 was released on 10/3/2023.

July 2023 Release Notes (v23)

v23.0 was released on 7/10/2023.

April 2023 Release Notes (v22)

v22.0 was released on 4/4/2023.

January 2023 Release Notes (v21)

v21.0 was released on 1/5/2023.

October 2022 Release Notes (v20)

v20.0 was released on 10/11/2022.

July 2022 Release Notes (v19)

Person v19.0 was released on 7/5/2022.

April 2022 Release Notes (v18)

Person v18.0 was released on 3/29/2022 and Data License deliveries will begin on 4/4/2022.

January 2022 Release Notes (v17)

Person v17 was released on 1/10/2022 to Data License Customers