October 2022 Release Notes (v20)

v20.0 was released on 10/11/2022.

July 2022 Release Notes (v19)

Person v19.0 was released on 7/5/2022.

April 2022 Release Notes (v18)

Person v18.0 was released on 3/29/2022 and Data License deliveries will begin on 4/4/2022.

January 2022 Release Notes (v17)

Person v17 was released on 1/10/2022 to Data License Customers

October 2021 Release Notes (v16)

Person v16.0 was released on 10/11/2021

Pre-October 2021 Release Notification

last_initial Field

July 2021 Release Notes (v15.0)

Person v15.0 was released on 7/6/2021

Pre-July 2021 Release Notice

Changes to the Search API

April 2021 Release Notes

Released on 4/1/2021

April 1, 2021 Self-Serve API Changes

We hope you’ve been getting tremendous value from your People Data Labs experience to date. Firstly, we wanted to thank you for being a PDL customer and for utilizing our Pay as you Go API services via our Self Service. Originally, our Pay as you Go model was intended to support low volume usage and encourage people to try out our product without committing to an annual subscription. While we believe that this has been successful, we also believe that it is no longer serving the needs of our customers in the best way possible.