The number of applications that rely on data to deliver innovative solutions is increasing every day and this is especially true for people data. In order to create trusted data-driven products at scale, more and more companies are requiring that they have a single source of truth for person data across a wide array of data points. People Data Labs provides this data on over one billion people globally. Our data is the trusted backend of hundreds of applications, including recruiting platforms, fraud tools, workforce planning applications, marketing tools and more.

There are two ways to consume our data:

  1. Using our API to enrich person profiles that you already have. Our documentation covers everything you'll need to get up and running with our API in minutes.
  2. We can deliver any subset of the profiles in our dataset to you in the form of a license. To learn more, speak with one of our Data Consultants.

We've segmented our documentation into following sections:

  1. General - An overview, release notes and support information
  2. Person Data - Person Dataset information
  3. Company Data - Company Dataset information
  4. Job Title Data - Job Title Dataset information
  5. Skill Data - Skill Dataset information
  6. API - How to use our APIs
  7. Data License - Our data license
  8. Resources - Resources on our data build process.

Please let us know if you have suggestions, questions or feedback through our support chatbot or by emailing [email protected].