June 2024 Release Announcement (v26.2)


June 2024 (v26.2) is a Minor Release

Since January 2022 (v17), PDL has been releasing data updates every month with a major release every quarter. Minor releases (such as v26.2) typically contain fewer product updates or key changes, but still contain important data improvements.

v26.2 was released on 6/4/2024.

Welcome to our June 2024 release notes! Read on to learn more, or jump to a specific section using the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

❗Breaking Changes

🚀 Data Updates

🛠 Improvements and Bug Fixes

❗Breaking Changes

⚠️ Upcoming Breaking Changes


Upcoming Breaking Changes

There are upcoming breaking changes in future versions that may impact your current processes. We are announcing them here to provide ample time for you to adjust your processes accordingly.

⚠️ Deprecation of person.job_last_updated

Change expected in: v27.0 / July 2024
Previous Announcements: v26 / April 2024, v26.1 / May 2024

As part of our new resume timestamps that were released last quarter, we will be deprecating our existing job_last_updated field in the July 2024 (v27.0) release. Our newly released resume timestamps provide more granularity and clarity than our existing job_last_updated timestamp, and help resolve ambiguity in the freshness of a person’s current work experience.

Any customers currently using our job_last_updated field will need to migrate to the new job_last_verified and job_last_changed fields before v27.0.

For help moving over to the new field, please reach out to your Customer Success and Technical Services for support and enablement resources. Please also see this easy-to-follow guide prepared by our Technical Services team for instructions on how to transition to this new schema:

Breaking Changes Guide: Deprecation of job_last_updated

⚠️ New Role and Sub Role Job Title Taxonomy

Change expected in: v28.0 / October 2024
Previous Announcements: v26 / April 2024, v26.1 / May 2024

In our October release (v28.0) we will be making significant changes to our job_title_role and job_title_sub_role enum values in order to improve our tag fill rates and improve the categories we use to represent titles. We’ll be posting a formal breaking change notice and updated canonical values alongside the v27.0 release.

💡Open Feedback Solicitation

We are currently soliciting feedback on our existing taxonomy and a draft of the new taxonomy. If you’d like to get a preview and/or give feedback on the taxonomy please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

🚀 Data Updates


June 2024 (v26.2) is a Minor Release

As a reminder, June 2024 is a minor release. This means that the information reported below is based off of the last one month of updates (rather than the 3 months of updates we typically report for the major releases).


The number of jobs and locations verified in our datasets over the past month (based on the job_last_verified and location_last_updated fields).

DatasetGeographyFieldRecords Updated
ResumeUnited Statesexperience7,043,818
ResumeUnited Stateslocation21,548,003

Job Updates

The number of person records where the primary job experience changed in our Person Dataset over the past month (based on the job_last_changed field).

DatasetGeographyFieldRecords Updated


  • There were no significant coverage changes from v26.1 to v26.2

🛠 Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Made improvements to our domain selection waterfall in our IP Enrichment API to prioritize first-party observed data
  • Cleaned up job titles from legacy sources that included location information
  • Removed parsing of indeterministic abbreviations in our job title tagging logic (e.g. CDO → Chief Design Officer vs Chief Data Officer)
  • Improved the quality of our school websites through improving the website selection logic during our data build process

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug stemming from a race-condition in our Company Cleaner and Enrichment APIs that was causing occasionally incorrect company matches when using name as the only input