Pre-July 2021 Release Notice

Changes to the Search API

We are anticipating a few minor changes to our Person Search API which we wanted to give advanced warning about.

Index Mapping Changes

We will be changing the mapping of the job_title and fields in our search API index from text default, with an inner keyword mapping to keyword default with an inner text mapping.

While we are seeing a high volume of customers make requests with title in the search API, most of them are mistakenly treating the default mapping (text) as a keyword mapping, causing them to get less results than they intend.

Tracking 0 Results as 404s instead of 200s

To avoid future confusion, search API results that return 0 records will now return a 404 response code instead of a 200

Changing the default de-duplication in the search API

Previously, any record in any of our datasets would be returned by default in the search API. This caused confusion due to the rate of duplication between datasets. We will now by default return records in the resume dataset, with a new parameter that will let you expose data from the other datasets.