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Given the volume of data we take in -- we often have many raw records with data on the same person. While we spend significant engineering resources working on linkages, it is often the case that we might end up with 3-4 profiles of disparate information that relates to the same person.

While we could link these together based on name, for example, this would create many false positive linkages. We call these frankenstein profiles -- where data on multiple people is tied together making that record unusable, even application-breaking. Instead we have opted to have an extremely strict linkage algorithm in our Data Build Process and expose multiple "slices" of data with different fields that are guaranteed to be not null to our customers. Each "slice" fits different use cases and helps ensure the rate of duplication in the data is significantly lower than if we provided all 6 slices. All of our customers access one or more of these slices via a data license. The API taps into all of the slices.

API Dataset

All Records Have -- Name + One other piece of PII

Number of Profiles: 2,646,628,951
Main Use Cases: Enrichment
Detailed Stats

Resume Slice

All Records Have -- Linkedin URL

Number of Profiles: 556,656,457
Main Use Cases: Candidate Search, Prospect Search, Custom Audiences, Career Path Prediction/Labor Force Modeling, Investment Sourcing
Detailed Stats

Email Slice

All Records Have -- Email

Number of Profiles: 641,900,701
Main Use Cases: Email Enrichment, Sales Lead Generation, Candidate Outreach
Detailed Stats

Street Address Slice

All Records Have -- Street Address

Number of Profiles: 175,501,816
Main Use Cases: Contact Info Enrichment, Sales and Marketing, Skiptracing, Background Checks // People Search
Detailed Stats

Mobile Phone Slice

All Records Have -- Mobile Phone Number

Number of Profiles: 251,548,846
Main Use Cases: Direct Dial Outreach, Caller ID
Detailed Stats

Phone Slice

All Records Have -- Any Phone Number

Number of Profiles: 416,035,891
Main Use Cases: Skiptracing, Background Checks // People Search
Detailed Stats

Developer Slice

All Records Have -- Github URL

Number of Profiles: 3,132,360
Main Use Cases: Recruiting, Investment Sourcing
Detailed Stats

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