October 2020 Release Notes

Released on 10/13/2020

New Product -- Search API

Our Search API in open beta. The Search API allows users to pull down up to 10,000 net new records with a single SQL or ElasticSearch query.

You can read more about the Search API in the docs and speak to a data consultant to get access.

New Product -- Address Data Slice

The street_address slice is the first new dataset following changes to our canonicalization last quarter. This slice includes ~175MM records representing unique US individuals with street addresses. The main coverage highlights in this slice are:

  • Names (175MM)
  • Street Addresses (175MM) -- there are on average 6 street addresses per record (1 current, 5 historic).
  • Dates of Birth (162MM)
  • Current Address (153MM)
  • Phones (159MM)
  • Mobile Phones (48MM)
  • Emails (57MM)

Street address data has been frequently requested by customers working in fraud tech, identity resolution, and real estate tech. Teams partaking in direct mail campaigns are also very interested in our address data. We hope to extract even more value from our data by linking the street address slice with our popular resume and email slices.


  • This quarter we have refreshed job titles for over 200mm of our global profiles and locations for over 205mm.

  • Similarly, we have refreshed job titles for over 62mm of our US profiles and locations for over 78mm.

Data Field Changes

We have added 4 fields to the v5 schema. please note that we are no longer adding or modifying fields in the v4 schema. Feel free to read more about the transition to v5 here

job_title_sub_role // experience.title.sub_role

The sub_role field expands our title families and tagging unveiled in the April release. There are now 55 valid sub_role values and 15 valid roles.

A list of valid sub_role values is available here. A mapping of sub roles to roles is available here


The start_date tagged to the primary experience object is now exposed as its own flattened field.


Restricted field

The summary tagged to the primary experience object is now exposed as its own flattened field.


  • Improved merging of experience objects and tagging of primary jobs.
  • Improved block // merge logic for names with accents.
  • Improved address parsing and standardization for non-standard addresses
  • Improved API matching for hyphenated names

Bug Fixes

  • Improved title cleaning
  • Fixed an issue with the flickr profile cleaner.
  • Removed an outlier source that caused emails to be duplicated across hundreds of records (~200k affected records)
  • Fixed an issue where a primary job was being displayed, but there were no values in the experience array.