January 2023 Release Notes (v21)

v21.0 was released on 1/5/2023.

Happy New Year and welcome to our January 2023 release notes! We’re rolling out some exciting updates with this release.

Here are some of the key highlights:

Excited yet? Read on to learn more, or jump to a specific section using the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

✨ New Products and Features

🚀 Data Updates

🛠 Improvements and Bug Fixes

✨ New Products and Features

Webhook Functionality for Person Retrieve API

We’ve added webhook functionality to our Person Retrieve API! As of this release, users can receive updates to their records in a more scalable way.

Prior to this release, if a customer has hundreds of thousands of IDs that they care about, they would have to periodically make hundreds of thousands of Retrieve API calls to keep their records up-to-date. With the launch of our webhook functionality, customers will be able to receive updated records automatically.

At a high level, the webhook functionality works like this:

  1. The customer gives PDL their unique URL and any required headers.
  2. PDL generates a list of all PDL IDs the customer has called using the Person Enrich, Search, and Identify APIs and configures a personalized webhook using that information.
  3. When PDL’s data is updated, we cross-reference the list of PDL IDs to check if any of those profiles have been updated.
  4. The webhook will send the customer the list of updated PDL IDs to their unique URL.
  5. The customer uses the Person Retrieve API to pull the updated record for each ID.

The webhook functionality is available for our subscribing enterprise customers. It is not available for Data License or self-serve customers at this time. If you’d like access, please reach out to us.

🚀 Data Updates


This quarter, we updated millions of jobs and locations in our Global Resume Dataset. See below for details:

DatasetGeographyFieldRecords Updated
ResumeUnited Statesexperience36,880,872
ResumeUnited Stateslocation19,521,493


Resume Dataset

LinkageCoverage in v20Coverage in v21Increase (%)

API Dataset

LinkageCoverage in v20Coverage in v21Increase (%)

Street Address Dataset

LinkageCoverage in v20Coverage in v21Increase (%)

Phone Dataset

LinkageCoverage in v20Coverage in v21Increase (%)

Mobile Phone Dataset

LinkageCoverage in v20Coverage in v21Increase (%)

Company Dataset

LinkageCoverage in v20Coverage in v21Increase (%)


Our v21.0 quarterly release provides one of our best ever improvements in PII linkages, driven by our investments in partnerships along with a significant amount of deduplication with over 50 million profiles merged.

  • Overall work_email linkages increased by 12% across all datasets.
    • work_email linkages increased by 222% in our phone dataset, 183% in our mobile phone dataset, and 166% in our street address dataset.
  • Significant contact information linkage increases in our resume dataset.
    • phone linkages increased 56%, work_email increased 54%, street_address and mobile_phone increased 13%.
  • Primary job linkages (job_last_updated) increased across all datasets, including by 92% in our phone dataset.
  • Increase in social profile linkages in our company dataset.

🛠 Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Enhanced company domain matching logic to reduce false positives.
  • Updated company canonicalization for major brands that had multiple profiles or an outdated profile (e.g. Meta Platforms Inc.).
  • Stricter job level tagging for “CXO” and “Partner” titles.
  • Improved Person name cleaning for better record resolution.
  • Improved handling of “Medical Doctor” and “Managing Director” job titles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where company websites were mapping to incorrect company IDs.
  • Fixed “Product Owner” job title being incorrectly cleaned as “Owner.”
  • Fixed “HRIS” (Human Resources Information Service) job titles being incorrectly cleaned as “hr is.”