Pricing Plans

What tiers do you offer?

We offer the following three tiers:

  • Free (Monthly): Every new user automatically starts with free Person Enrichment API, Person Search API, Person Identify API, Company Enrichment API, and Company Search API subscriptions, no credit card required. As your usage increases, you can add a credit card and increase the volume for any subscription.
  • Pro (Monthly or Annual): You can upgrade to a professional subscription immediately through our self-serve API Dashboard on a month-to-month or annual basis.
  • Enterprise (Annual): An enterprise subscription offers bespoke customer success services and access to purchase premium field bundles.

What are the benefits of annual self-serve subscription?

With annual subscriptions, you can access additional volume discounts and flexibly draw from a pool of credits throughout the year.

Benefits include:

  • Volume discounts: An additional 20% discount on top of our volume-based pricing
  • Usage flexibility: The flexibility to accommodate spikes and dips in usage
  • Instant access: Get started or upgrade at any time through the API Dashboard