Data Sources & Compliance

People Data Labs has thousands of data sources that enhance our person data and our ancillary canonical location, school and company datasets. These sources fall into two categories: our "Data Union" sources and our public data sources.

The Data Union

The "Data Union" is our proprietary data sharing co-op. Customers warrant their data is fully compliant with applicable data privacy regulations. Some data sources have been provided as a one-time file, while others we refresh every time we do a new data build. Our data sources come from a variety of verticals, including HR Tech, Real Estate Tech, Identity/Anti-Fraud, Martech and others. People Data Labs actively works with customers on compliance-based topics since regulations are changing quickly.

Public Data Sources

Our public data sources include open-sourced datasets, publicly available data, governmental public records and others. As public records, this data is compliant.

Source Validation and Accuracy

Before we add a source to our data builds, it goes through multiple steps of validation. We check aggregate information across each source, ensure accurate cardinality between fields and hand-check large samples of every single source before we add it to the build. We take extensive measures to prevent false linkages that could adversely affect our product.


We evaluate data sources from a compliance standpoint before we integrate them into the dataset. The evaluation criteria includes a review of permissions and how the data has been obtained. We offer opt-outs and data request forms at the bottom of our website that any individual in the world can use. We also have a strict Acceptable Data Use Policy governing what our data can be used for, which you can find here.

PDL-Generated Attributes

PDL generates various data attributes using metadata, aggregated data, inferences, or predictive models. None of our attributes are or describe sensitive personal data as defined by GDPR or the privacy laws of various US states.