React Component for Autocomplete

A React component for the Autocomplete API

What is the React Component for Autocomplete?

The React Component for Autocomplete lets you use the Autocomplete API to find valid Search API query values for a specific field (along with the number of available records for each suggestion.)


How Does the Component Work?

The component works by letting users get autocomplete suggestions in a dropdown list. Using this list, they then can make a suggestion that gets passed to a callback function. For example, when a user queries the company field for goog, the component will display a dropdown list that includes suggestions that most closely matches this search, such as google. Then, when the user makes a selection, this gets sent as an argument to a callback function that has been passed to the component as a prop.

How To Install the Component

This component is available as an npm package, and you can install it like this:

npm i -S pdl-react-autocomplete
yarn add pdl-react-autocomplete

Using the Component

Make sure that you sign up for a free PDL API key if you don't already have one.

import Autocomplete from 'pdl-react-autocomplete';

return (
  <div className="App">
      onTermSelected={(term) => console.log('onSelectedTerm', term)}


Security Disclaimer

You should use this library as an internal tool or as a proof of concept, as it fires off requests to the Autocomplete API from the client. This is due to the nature of React components and that API keys are all-encompassing at PDL. We highly suggest referencing the component's codebase for spinning up your own version but accessing the Autocomplete API through a proxy server and not using this in a public production environment.

More Information, Pull Requests, Feature Suggestions and Bug Reports

We've open-sourced the library, which is available on GitHub. Go there to view more information. You can also submit pull requests, feature suggestions and bug reports.