React Component for Autocomplete

A React component for using the Autocomplete API

The React Component for Autocomplete lets you utilize the Autocomplete API to find valid Search API query values for a specific field (along with the number of available records for each suggestion.) It does this by letting your users get autocomplete suggestions in a dropdown list, within which they will make a suggestion that will be passed to a callback function.

For example, when a user queries the company field for "goog," the autocomplete component will display a dropdown list that includes suggestions that most closely matches this search, such as "google." The user then makes a selection, which gets sent as an argument to a callback function that has been passed to the component as a prop.


Go to and pull the package from the npm repository by either using:

yarn add pdl-react-autocomplete


npm i pdl-react-autocomplete

Finally, Sign up for a free PDL API key.


First import the component library:

import Autocomplete from 'pdl-react-autocomplete';

Then use the library like any other React component:

return (
    <div className="App">
        onTermSelected={(term) => console.log('onSelectedTerm', term)}

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