Getting Started

Process for Licensing the PDL Data

We only license our data for legitimate use cases that follow our Acceptable Data Use Policy. In order to vet potential use cases and help provide customers with an optimal dataset and price, we require that you talk to a data consultant before we license data.

Our data consultants will help you scope out a test to validate your use case and work with you to ensure your compliance and security needs are met.

License Structure and FAQ

License Slices

We typically begin our data license discussions by helping identify which Data License Slices you may be interested in. Most commonly, we find that customers are interested in the resume and/or email datasets.

License Structure

When you license the data, our standard terms include Quarterly Updates synced to a customer-owned S3 Bucket or our FTP server. Alternatively, we can also host the data for you.

Standard Terms

The standard terms for both our data license and the API can be viewed here.

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