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This collection of data includes over nine million global companies, with information such as names, domains, sizes, years founded, industries, localities, countries and LinkedIn URLs. All companies in this dataset have at least one employee in the PDL data, removing many of the companies in our Company Stats.

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Field NameField TypePersistence Commitments and FormatShort DescriptionExample
countryEnum (String)Canonical ContinentsThe country of company's current headquarters.united states
foundedIntegerGreater than 0The foundation year of the company.2015
idStringPDL company ID. This is currently non-persistent and generated from the company's primary LinkedIn username.peopledatalabs
industryEnum (String)Canonical IndustriesThe self-reported industry -- the enum is from LinkedIn's standard software
linkedin_urlStringThe primary company LinkedIn
localityStringThe locality of company's current headquarters.san francisco
nameStringThe company's main common name.people data labs
regionStringThe region of company's current headquarters.california
sizeEnum (String)Canonical Company SizesA range representing the number of people working at the company.11-50
websiteStringThe primary company

Downloading the dataset

The dataset is provided in CSV, pipe-separated and JSON formats. We have found that many customers prefer the CSV format, but the CSV format is very large (nine million lines) and common programs like Excel and Numbers can't open it. To do so properly, you have to do it programmatically. For example, by using the python CSV library.


You may use this data for any purpose. It is released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY 4.0 -

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