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Free Company Dataset


This is a collection of data on over 7 Million Global companies. Including names, domains, size range, year funded, industry, locality, country, linkedin url, current employee estimate, and total employee estimate.

To download visit our main site and complete the form


namedomainyear_foundedindustrysize_rangelocalitycountrylinkedin urlcurrent employee estimatetotal employee estimate
7,004,634 Unique5,474,766 Unique236 Unique148 Unique8 Unique Rangescity, state, countrycountry headquarters7,173,427 UniqueEstimate for current employee countEstimate for total historic employee count.
Never Null35% Null50% Null4% Null35% Null33% NullNever NullNever NullNever Null
Not UniqueNot UniqueNot Unique
48,041 Repeated


7173427 Lines
267 mb Compressed
1.01 gb Uncompressed

Downloading the dataset

The dataset is provided in three formats, CSV, Pipe-seperated, and JSON. We have found many of customers prefer the CSV, however since the CSV is very large (7mm lines), common programs like Excel and Numbers can't handle opening it. If you want to open it fully, you'd have to do it programmatically, for example using the python CSV library

Additional Notes

The size range represents the likely range within which the current employee count of the company falls. Additionally, not all data we pull for free datasets is accurately merged; minor inaccuracies may be present in the open source version. Any errors due to formatting will be fixed in the next data iteration.


You may use this data for any purpose. It is released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY 4.0 -

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Free Company Dataset

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