Getting started with the People Data Labs Go Helper Library, which is an open-source SDK that lets you write Go code to make HTTP requests to our APIs

The People Data Labs Go Helper Library

The People Data Labs Go Helper Library makes it easy to interact with our APIs from your Go application. You can find the most recent version of the library on Go Packages.

How To Install the Library

This library is available as a Go package, and you can install it like this:

go get github.com/peopledatalabs/peopledatalabs-go

Using the Library

Make sure that you sign up for a free PDL API key if you don't already have one.

package main

import (

// See https://github.com/peopledatalabs/peopledatalabs-go
import (
    pdl "github.com/peopledatalabs/peopledatalabs-go"
    pdlmodel "github.com/peopledatalabs/peopledatalabs-go/model"

func main() {
    // Set your API key
    apiKey := "API_KEY"
    // Set API key as environmental variable
    // apiKey := os.Getenv("API_KEY")

    // Create a client, specifying your API key
    client := pdl.New(apiKey)
    // Create a parameters JSON object
    params := pdlmodel.EnrichPersonParams {
        PersonParams: pdlmodel.PersonParams {
            Profile: []string{"linkedin.com/in/seanthorne"},

    // Pass the parameters object to the Person Enrichment API
    result, err := client.Person.Enrich(context.Background(), params)

    // Print the API response
    if err == nil {
        fmt.Printf("Status: %d, FullName: %s\n", result.Status, result.Data.FullName)

More Information, Pull Requests, Feature Suggestions and Bug Reports

We've open-sourced the library, which is available on GitHub. Go there to view more information. You can also submit pull requests, feature suggestions and bug reports.