Data Delivery Using Snowflake

How to Request Snowflake Delivery

You can receive delivery through Snowflake by requesting a PDL subscription for our Person Data License. Here's how:

  1. Log into your Snowflake account (or sign up for one at
  2. Go to the Snowflake Marketplace page and search for "PDL." Then click the People Data Labs Person Data License:

  1. Click Request Data:

  1. Enter your Email, Name, Title, Company Name, Company Website, and describe how you intend on using the data in the Message box. Then click Request Data:

Note: All the above fields are required.

Standard Schemas


Upcoming Breaking Change!

Change expected in: v26.1 / May 2024

In May 2024 we will be standardizing our Snowflake Person and Company schemas to expand and enhance our support of this delivery destination. After this change, all current and new customers who receive Snowflake deliveries will use the standardized schemas.

Before the change, we strongly suggest you:

  1. Make a copy of your current data after your April 2024 delivery. This way you not only have a backup, but can also compare new to old after you switch over.
  2. Go through the new standard schemas, which will be available by January 31.
  3. Prepare any script changes to your existing processes before the switch in May 2024.

Previous Announcements:

The Standard Person and Company Schemas that will be used for Snowflake deliveries will be available by January 31.

Please see the PDFs linked below for documentation of the Person and Company Snowflake Schemas that will go into effect with the May 2024 Release (v26.1). We encourage our snowflake customers to ensure their data pipelines can support the specifications linked below.