Autocomplete API

Get suggestions for our canonicalized datasets


The Autocomplete API allows you to get suggestions for Search API query values along with the number of available records for each suggestion. For example, schools starting with "harv".


This API provides access to our canonicalized datasets and is meant for use in conjunction with the Person and Company Search APIs as a way of previewing what records are available before retrieving them. The Autocomplete API currently supports completion for the following field values:

  • company: Company Names
  • country: Country Names
  • industry: Industries
  • location: Location Names
  • major: Educational Majors (Field of Study)
  • region: Region Name (for example, states for the US)
  • role: Job Roles
  • sub_role: Job Sub Roles
  • school: School Names
  • skill: Skills
  • title: Job Titles
  • website: Company Websites

The Autocomplete API powers the above dropdown list on the backend.

What's Next

Please check out the following pages for more information on the Autocomplete API:

QuickstartA quick hands-on introduction to the API with simple code examples.
ReferenceDetailed descriptions of the technical specifications and usage constraints.
Input ParametersIn-depth explanations of the input parameters that the API supports.
Output ResponseIn-depth explanations of the output response object that the API returns.
ExamplesA collection of functional examples and walkthroughs that illustrate various use cases and applications of the API.
FAQsAnswers to commonly-asked questions and other good-to-know information.

What’s Next

See the following pages for more details on the Autocomplete API