Job Title Enrichment API

Retrieve up-to-date information on a job title through a one-to-one match


The Job Title Enrichment API lets you enrich data on a job title by performing a one-to-one match of this job title with those included in our Job Title Dataset. Once matched, you can search for profiles with less context. For example, instead of explicitly searching for "supply managers, supply chain managers, supply specialists and supply coordinators," you can search for "supply managers and similar job titles."

Note: Our current Job Title Dataset only contains job titles seen at least 100 times across our global resume data.


Expected Usage

This API functions primarily as a support for our Person Search API. Once you enhance a job title, you can use the returned information in your Person Search query to find better matches in our Person Dataset.

We expect the flow for using the Job Title Enrichment and Person Search APIs to broadly follow one of the two patterns shown in the diagrams below:


Flow 1: Using the Job Title Enrichment API to search for people with similar job titles.


Flow 2: Using the Job Title Enrichment API to search for people with skills relevant to the job title.

What's Next

Please check out the following pages for more information on the Job Title Enrichment API:

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ReferenceDetailed descriptions of the technical specifications and usage constraints.
Input ParametersIn-depth explanations of the input parameters that the API supports.
Output ResponseIn-depth explanations of the output response object that the API returns.
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