Output Response - Skill Enrichment API

Detailed information on the output response that the Skill Enrichment API returns

Response Data Structure

Here is the structure of an example response from the Skill Enrichment API:

  "cleaned_skill": "ai",
  "similar_skills": [
    "machine learning",
    "artificial intelligence",
    "deep learning",
    "data science",
  "relevant_job_titles": [
    "data scientist",
    "software engineer",
    "senior data scientist",
    "chief technology officer",
    "senior software engineer"

Response Fields


Field NameTypeDescription
cleaned_skillStringThe skill that matches the API input skill after passing it through our internal skill cleaner.


Field NameTypeDescription
similar_skillsArray (String)A list of up to five other skills.


Field NameTypeDescription
relevant_job_titlesArray (String)A list of up to five of the most contextually-similar job titles to the cleaned_skill, determined using our global resume data.