Sandbox API Endpoints

A test environment for using PDL endpoints without consuming paid credits

The Sandbox APIs are a suite of API endpoints that allow users to query PDL APIs to access synthetic data without consuming paid credits. These endpoints are primarily aimed at testing and evaluation use cases to support users interested in:

  • Performing integration testing to ensure compatibility with our endpoints and data structures
  • Evaluating PDL endpoints without revealing proprietary or regulated data

The Sandbox API endpoints mirror our production API endpoints, meaning that each public API endpoint will have a corresponding sandbox endpoint. Each sandbox endpoint has identical functionality compared to its corresponding production endpoint. The records returned by each sandbox endpoint, however, will contain only artificial data that follows the same object structure as records from our production datasets.

The current list of API endpoints with sandbox support are:

What's Next

Please checkout the following pages for more information on the Sandbox APIs:

ReferenceDetailed overviews of the technical specifications and usage constraints.
ExamplesA collection of functional code examples and walkthroughs illustrating various use cases and applications of the API.

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