Output Response - Person Enrichment API

Detailed information on the output response that the Person Enrichment API returns

Response Data Structure

The response from the Person Enrichment API will be in this format:

    "status": 200,
    "likelihood": 10,
    "data":  {
            "id": "qEnOZ5Oh0poWnQ1luFBfVw_0000",
            "full_name": "sean thorne",

See Example Person Record for a full example of the fields included in the data object.

Response Fields


ObjectThe matched profile record that contains fields from our Person Schema. Any fields in the profile record that do not contain any data will have a null value.

The data object contains the entire PDL profile for the person that matches the Enrichment API request. Any profile field that we do not have data for will have a null value.


IntegerThe API response code.


IntegerHow confident we are that the returned profile is the same as the person you requested. Will be an integer between 1 and 10.

You can control the minimum likelihood score that a response must have in order to count as a match by setting the min_likelihood parameter in the API request.

We assign every match that the API finds during the enrichment process a likelihood score, to represent our confidence that the profile returned is the same as the profile requested. A score of 1 represents a very low confidence level while a score of 10 represents the highest degree of confidence. The likelihood score is logarithmic, so a response that returns a likelihood score of 2 will have roughly a 10-30% chance of being the person requested.

For example, enriching "John Smith" in "New York" is too vague for us to confidently say which of our profiles is the exact John Smith that you requested. However, if you were to attach an email, phone number, and street address to the request and they matched our data, we would be highly confident that we are returning the correct John Smith.


Array (String)Every query input from the request that matched this profile.

IMPORTANT: This field will only be included in the response if the include_if_matched flag is set to true.

See the include_if_matched input parameter for more details.