Authenticate Our APIs Within a Zap

How to authenticate our APIs within a zap

To authenticate our APIs within a zap, do the following:

  1. Go to your Zapier dashboard ( and click Create Zap:
  1. In the Zap Editor, name your zap. Here we will name it "Enrich New Emails":
  1. Select the app that you want to connect to our Enrichment APIs. Here we will select Gmail:
  1. Choose the event that will trigger our zap and click Continue. Here we will select New Email:
  1. Sign into your Gmail account:
  1. Set the trigger to Inbox and All Labels (the default setting) and click Continue:
  1. Test your trigger by clicking Test Trigger and following the instructions:
  1. Set People Data Labs as the app that is triggered by a new email:
  1. Choose Enrich Person as the action taken by a new email and click Continue:

9: Sign into People Data Labs:

  1. Enter your People Data Labs API Key and click Yes, Continue:
  1. Click Continue:

Note: See Lead Enrichment with Zapier and Salesforce for a full tutorial on setting up Zapier with our Enrichment APIs.

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