Reference - Skill Enrichment API

Reference information for the Skill Enrichment API


The endpoint for the Skill Enrichment API is v5/skill/enrich.

Billing and Access

This API is currently in production, and you can access it by using your API key.

The HTTP response code will be 200 when the API returns a matching job title, and the response code will be 404 when the API neither finds nor returns a matching job title. We charge per match.

Rate Limiting

Our default limit for free customers is 100 per minute. Our default limit for paying customers is 5,000 per minute.

Input Parameters


For More Details, See Skill Enrichment API - Input Parameters

You can also click on the individual parameter names in the table below to view more information on them.

Parameter NameRequiredDescriptionDefaultExample
skillYesThe skill that you are enriching.pyspark
api_keyNo*Your secret API key.

While we do not require this as part of the request parameters, if you do not provide it here, then you must provide it using an alternative means, such as in the headers using the x-api-key field. For more information, see the Authentication page.
prettyNoWhether the output should have human-readable indentation.falsetrue
titlecaseNoAll text in the API responses returns as lowercase by default. Setting titlecase to true will titlecase the text in 200 responses.falsetrue

Output Response

Response Fields


For More Details, See Skill Enrichment API - Output Response.

You can also click the field names in the table below to view more information on them.

Field NameTypeDescription
cleaned_skillStringThe skill that matches the API input skill after passing it through our internal skill cleaner.
similar_skillsArray (String)A list of up to five other skills.
relevant_job_titlesArray (String)A list of up to five of the most contextually-similar job titles to the cleaned_skill, determined using our global resume data.

Full Example Response

Input Query (click to toggle)
import requests

url = ""

query_string = {"skill": "ai"}

headers = {
    'accept': "application/json",
    'content-type': "application/json",
    'x-api-key': "YOUR_API_KEY"

response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, params=query_string)


Output Response (full):

  "cleaned_skill": "ai",
  "similar_skills": [
    "machine learning",
    "artificial intelligence",
    "deep learning",
    "data science",
  "relevant_job_titles": [
    "data scientist",
    "software engineer",
    "senior data scientist",
    "chief technology officer",
    "senior software engineer"