FAQs - Person Identify API

Miscellaneous but useful information about the Person Identify API


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What is the difference between the various Person APIs?

Check out our Introduction page for a comparison of the various person-related APIs that we offer.

Why don't all the profiles returned by the Person Identify API match for Enrichment?

The information returned by the Person Identify API contains the strongest set of profiles from our Person Dataset matching some input characteristics about a particular identity. These profiles each represent independent "chunks" of identity information.

Based on our strict Entity Merging and De-Duplication practices, we only merge profiles when we are very confident that they represent the same identity. Therefore, each profile contains highly self-consistent information about an identity.

The Person Identify API and the set of identities returned by the Person Identify API holds a more loosely connected but likely associated set of profiles in comparison to our more strict Person Enrichment API.