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If you haven't already, you'll need to signup to test the API by reaching out here. You'll be able to see your API Key, along with a few example API calls once you've logged into your dashboard. We have several API's available via self-serve including the Person Enrichment API, Person Search API, Company Enrichment API , and Company Search API.

This API endpoint is meant for enriching information on exactly one person. Every enrichment request returns exactly one person or no persons. We also have a "search" API, where we return multiple persons based on a query.


  • All sample API calls below are made with the pretty url param, which denotes whether the output should be pretty printed set to true.
  • All of these example calls are using the /v5/person/enrich endpoint, which is available via self-signup.
  • For a complete list of fields you can search by, see here
  • For high volume usage, use our bulk enrichment endpoint, which enables you to enrich data on up to 100 persons at a time.


Enrich on a social profile url

Enrich on an email[email protected]

Enrich on name and a company Thorne&company=People Data Labs

Enrich on name and a phone number Thorne&phone=14155688415


You can use anything that can make web requests. Generally we use Python. Here are some examples.

import requests
PDL_URL = f"{PDL_VERSION}/person/enrich"
params = {
   "api_key": API_KEY,
   "name": ["sean thorne"],
   "company": [""]
json_response = requests.get(PDL_URL, params=params).json()
curl -X GET \
  ' thorne&'
# OR

curl -X GET \
  ' thorne&' \ 
  -H 'X-Api-Key: xxxx'

For Non-Technical Users

While we currently provide no integration support, we recommend the following options for a non-technical person trying to test our API:

  • In browser API calls: A few are provided as examples above
  • A GUI wrapper like Postman: Useful for single API calls

Neither of these solutions work at scale since you can only manually make one call at a time using these tools. As you scale out with our product, we highly recommend having some technical experience working with APIs.

Companies like Pipedream and Tonkean provide tools that allow you to connect an API into your existing workflow and provide support and services surrounding this integration. Both of the aforementioned tools have a direct integration with People Data Labs as well as with tools like Google Sheets and Hubspot that allow you to directly enrich lists of people or inbound leads. We encourage you to use this service, if it is too burdensome to create these integrations on your own.

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