These stats refer to our IP dataset, which you can access through our IP Enrichment API.

FieldCountNumericFill Percentage
Total IP Records70,121,82870121828-
Total IP Companies1,562,9501562950-
Unique Companies1,632,4901632490-
Total IP Locations70,107,16370107163100.0%
Total Person Records34,810,9303481093049.6%
Total Job Title Roles34,810,9303481093049.6%
Total Job Title Subroles20,622,3402062234029.4%
Total Job Title Levels31,049,4853104948544.3%
Total CIDR Records558,461558461-
Total CIDR Companies558,461558461100.0%
Unique CIDR Companies69,54069540-
Total CIDR Locations487,66448766487.3%

Stats shown are accurate as of data version 26.2