These stats refer to our IP dataset, which you can access through our IP Enrichment API.

FieldCountNumericFill Percentage
Total IP Records791,287,301791287301-
Total IP Companies791,287,301791287301100.0%
Unique Companies7,185,1607185160-
Total IP Locations790,735,78479073578499.9%
Total Person Records303,337,70430333770438.3%
Total Job Title Roles303,337,70430333770438.3%
Total Job Title Subroles184,880,44918488044923.4%
Total Job Title Levels262,991,37426299137433.2%
Total CIDR Records502,871502871-
Total CIDR Companies502,871502871100%
Unique CIDR Companies65,68665686-
Total CIDR Locations460,47346047391.6%

Stats shown are accurate as of data version 24.2