Receiving and Updating Data

Receiving the Data

You can receive your license delivery updates in a variety of ways. Follow the instructions for one of the data delivery methods below to begin receiving data:

Data Ingestion Schemas

Preset Ingestion Schemas

We provide up-to-date ingestion schemas in our public S3 bucket with each release.


Snowflake Schemas

Snowflake users can find our standard schemas here

Generate Custom Ingestion Schemas

If you have a field combination not represented in a preset schema OR if you'd prefer to build your own, you will need to generate your JSON schema for your data ingestion process.

There are many tools available that can quickly do this. For example, the Python package GenSON can generate a schema from one or multiple files like this:

$ pip install genson

# source file > target file
$ genson -d 'newline' my-pdl-data-file > my_schema.json