Cleaner APIs

Clean your company, school, and location data so that you can better query our data


Clean input data can make a big difference when it comes to retrieving the best results from your queries. With our Cleaner APIs, you can clean the company, location and school data that you employ in your API queries. We use these same APIs for standardizing our data as part of our Data Build Process.


Examples of Location Cleaning Using the Location Cleaner API:

Raw Location NameCleaned Location Name
"San Francisco"san francisco, california, united states
"dc"washington, district of columbia, united states
"USA"united states
"London"london, greater london, united kingdom

In short, the Cleaner APIs let you:

  • Clean company, school and location names before using them with our Search APIs.
  • Easily clean and standardize your own raw data for your own use.

What's Next

Please check out the following pages for more information on the Cleaner APIs:

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Output ResponsesIn-depth explanations of the output response objects that the APIs return.
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