Salesforce Integration

Automatically enrich your Contacts, Leads, and Accounts with our Salesforce Integration.

Quickly configure how you want to enrich your Contacts, Leads, and Accounts through PDL’s API Dashboard. The intuitive data mapping interface makes it easy to connect PDL data to your Salesforce records. Select from hundreds of unique PDL data points to map to any of your own standard or custom Salesforce fields. Once you set up your connection and choose your refresh cadence, any new records will automatically be enriched with PDL’s awesome, high-quality data. No code or complicated ingestion processes required!


The Mappings page is where you can set up which Salesforce fields map to which PDL Enrichment fields. Your integration will come with a default set of mappings that cover most use cases. You can adjust, remove, and add mappings on this page.

Enrichment Settings

The Enrichment Settings page is where you can set up batch processing, the minimum likelihood score for valid matches, and the refresh cadence. You can choose different settings for Contacts, Leads, and Accounts depending on your needs.

App Settings

The App Settings page has global settings for the entire app. You will most likely only use this page during your initial setup of the Salesforce Integration.