Reference - Sandbox APIs

Reference information for the Sandbox APIs


URLs for our Sandbox APIs follow this structure:<path>, where <path> is one of the following:

APISandbox Endpoint Path
Person Enrichmentv5/person/enrich
Person Searchv5/person/search
Person Identifyv5/person/identify
Bulk Person Enrichment APIv5/bulk/person
Company Enrichmentv5/company/enrich
Company Searchv5/company/search

For example, the endpoint for the Sandbox Person Enrichment API is

SDK Usage

To access the Sandbox API endpoints within our SDKs, use any of the following language-specific strategies:

# Set sandbox to True when creating a client
    api_key="YOUR API KEY",
    # Use Sandbox API
// Set sandbox to true in the parameters JSON object
const params = {
  email: "[email protected]",
  min_likelihood: 6,
  // Use Sandbox API
  sandbox: true
# Use Sandbox API
Peopledatalabs.sandbox = true
// Include extra imports
import (
    pdl ""
    pdlmodel ""

// Set Sandbox to true in ClientOptions() when creating a client
client := pdl.New(apiKey,
                      api.ClientOptions(func(c *api.Client) {
                                    c.Sandbox = true

See Sandbox examples for specific usage.

Billing and Access

The Sandbox APIs are free endpoints and do not consume credits. However, we've currently restricted access of it to active enterprise customers while we gather feedback on the product. If you are interested in requesting access to these endpoints, please reach out to us or speak to your Customer Success team.

Rate Limiting

The default rate limit for all customers is five calls per minute.

Input Parameters

The input parameters for each Sandbox API endpoint are identical to the input parameters for the corresponding production endpoint. Here are the input parameters that each Sandbox endpoint supports:

Sandbox API EndpointInput ParametersDetailed Reference
Person EnrichmentInput ParametersDetailed Reference
Person SearchInput ParametersDetailed Reference
Person IdentifyInput ParametersDetailed Reference
Bulk Person EnrichmentInput ParametersDetailed Reference
Company EnrichmentInput ParametersDetailed Reference
Company SearchInput ParametersDetailed Reference

Output Response

All Sandbox API endpoints return data that follows the same response structure as the corresponding production endpoint. Here are the output responses that each Sandbox endpoint supports:


Synthetic data only!

All Sandbox API endpoints return only artificial data in their responses. For more information, see the Full Sandbox Datasets listed below.

Sandbox API EndpointOutput ResponseDetailed Reference
Person EnrichmentOutput ResponseDetailed Reference
Person SearchOutput ResponseDetailed Reference
Person IdentifyOutput ResponseDetailed Reference
Bulk Person EnrichmentOutput ResponseDetailed Reference
Company EnrichmentOutput ResponseDetailed Reference
Company SearchOutput ResponseDetailed Reference

Sandbox Dataset

All Sandbox API endpoints return data that is artificial with no intended real-world value.
You can download the full dataset of the synthetic records that the Sandbox API uses here:

Updated as of 26.2