Reference - Sandbox APIs

Reference information for the Sandbox APIs


The base URL for all Sandbox APIs follows the structure:<path>.

The table below lists the available sandbox API endpoints:

APISandbox Endpoint
Person Enrichment
Person Search
Person Identify

Billing and Access

The Sandbox APIs are free endpoints and do not consume any paid credits. Access is currently restricted to active enterprise customers while we gather early feedback on this product. If you are interested in requesting access to this endpoint, please reach out to us or speak to your Customer Success team.

Rate Limiting

The default rate limit for all customers is five calls per minute.

Input Parameters

The input parameters for each sandbox API endpoint are identical to the input parameters for the production endpoint. See the table below for links to the input parameters supported by each sandbox endpoint:

Sandbox API EndpointInput ParametersDetailed Reference
Person EnrichmentInput ParametersDetailed Reference
Person SearchInput ParametersDetailed Reference
Person IdentifyInput ParametersDetailed Reference

Output Response

Data returned by any sandbox API endpoint will follow the same response structure as data returned by the corresponding production endpoint. See the table below for links to the response structure associated with each sandbox endpoint.


Synthetic data only!

All Sandbox API endpoints return only artificial data in their responses. See Sandbox Data

Sandbox API EndpointOutput ResponseDetailed Reference
Person EnrichmentOutput ResponseDetailed Reference
Person SearchOutput ResponseDetailed Reference
Person IdentifyOutput ResponseDetailed Reference

Sandbox Dataset

All data returned from any sandbox API endpoint is artificial with no intended real-world value.
The full dataset of synthetic records that the Sandbox API uses can be downloaded from the following link:

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