Input Parameters - Data Stats Tool

Detailed information on the input parameters for the Data Stats Tool


The Data Stats Tool parses the CSV and runs the values through the Person Enrichment API or the Company Enrichment API. Each row must meet at least one of the minimum criteria below to have a possibility of returning a 200 response.

Person Input Parameters

The minimum criteria for a Person Enrichment API match:

profile OR email OR phone OR email_hash OR lid OR ( 
        (first_name AND last_name) OR name) AND 
        (locality OR region OR company OR school OR location OR postal_code)
Parameter NameDescriptionExample
emailThe email the person has used.[email protected]
profileA social profile that the person has used (see list of available social profiles)
phoneThe phone number the person has used in any format.14155688415
nameThe person's full name, at least the first and last (middle name optional).Sean Thorne
first_nameThe person's first name.Sean
last_nameThe person's last name.Thorne
middle_nameThe person's middle name.Fong
birth_dateThe person's birth date in the format of YY-MM-DD, YYYY-MM, or YYYY.1990
companyThe name, website or social URL of a company where the person has worked.People Data Labs
titleThe person's job and chief executive officer
schoolName, website or social URL of a university or college the person has attendedUniversity of Oregon
locationLocation where the person lives (anything from a street address to a country)San Francisco, California, United States
street_addressStreet address where the person lives.1234 Main Street
localityCity or locality where the person lives.San Francisco
regionState or region where the person lives.California
postal_codeThe postal code where the person lives (If there is no value for country, the postal code is assumed to be US).94123
countryCountry where the person lives.United States
lidMain LinkedIn profile ID for this record based on source agreement.145991517
email_hashThe SHA-256 or MD5 email hash.89eb6bc60e92f3d6ffbb4e7b4d15cacd

Company Input Parameters

The minimum criteria for a Company Enrichment API match:

name OR profile OR ticker OR website
Field NameDescriptionExample
nameThe company's name.Google, Inc.
profileThe company's social
tickerThe company's stock ticker, if publicly traded companyGOOGL
websiteThe company's
locationThe complete or partial company location (you can input multiple location values)1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043
street_addressThe street address of the company's location (you can only input one street address)1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy
localityThe city of the company's location (you can only input one city or locality)Mountain View
regionThe state of the company's location (you can only input one state or region)California
countryThe country of the company's location (you can only input one country)United States
postal_codeThe postal code of the company's location (you can only input one postal code)83701