Input Parameters - Person Retrieve API

Detailed information on the input parameters for the Person Retrieve API

Required Parameters


StringThe PDL Persistent ID for a record in our Person Dataset.qEnOZ5Oh0poWnQ1luFBfVw_0000

When calling the Person Retrieve API in URL, you must specify this as part of the endpoint URL.

You must use a Persistent ID for the person_id. If the provided ID does not represent a record from our Person Dataset, then the Person Retrieve API will return a 404 Not Found error.


Using the person_id Parameter in URL

When calling the Person Retrieve API in URL, you must pass the person_id parameter as part of the endpoint path rather than as a URL parameter.

For example, using the ID qEnOZ5Oh0poWnQ1luFBfVw_0000:

  • Correct: v5/person/retrieve/qEnOZ5Oh0poWnQ1luFBfVw_0000
  • Incorrect: v5/person/retrieve?person_id=qEnOZ5Oh0poWnQ1luFBfVw_0000

Optional Parameters


BooleanWhether the output should have human-readable indentation.falsetrue


StringYour secret API key.

Your API Key must be included in either the request header or the api_key parameter. For more information about request authentication, see the Authentication page.


Enum (String)Which Person Data field changes count as an updated record.job_change

Use this parameter to filter which changes to person records count as an update. If you include this parameter in your request, only changes to the parameter-specific fields will count as an update.

If this parameter is not included in the request, any changes to the record (new data source, any field value change) will count as an update.

Supported Filters

Using Multiple Filters

The Retrieve API supports using multiple filters in the same request. For example, if you use both the job_change and location filters, a match will be returned if any of the associated fields for either filter have been updated (logical OR).

To use multiple filters, set filter_updated to a comma-separated string containing each filter name.

curl -X GET -G \
  -H 'X-Api-Key: xxxx' \
  --data-urlencode 'filter_updated=job_change,location'