Experience/Location updates

As described in the Data Updates doc keeping our Experience and Locations object current is one of our primary focuses. Here we outline how we communicate these updates to customers across both fields.

job and location fields

Every Experience and Location object has an is_primary field that is a boolean value. For a single profile, there will be at most 1 profile tagged as primary. This profile will appear in the flattened job_ and location_ fields. The primary values are the ones we believe to be the most recent/relevant object from the experience/locations array.

last_updated Field

The last_updated field exists for both locations and experience objects. It indicates the last time a person's location/current job were seen "in the wild" by one of our Data Union partners. Since many of our data partners are themselves focused on data accuracy, we are able to utilize their timestamps to accurately map when this value was last seen. The last_updated date does not necessarily indicate that a change in the field occurred, rather when the last data source was provided this data and confirmed its accuracy.

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