Output Response - Person Retrieve API

Detailed information on the output response that the Person Retrieve API returns

Response Data Structure

Here is an example response from the Person Retrieve API:

 "status": 200,
 "data": {
   "id": "qEnOZ5Oh0poWnQ1luFBfVw_0000",
   "full_name": "sean thorne",
 "billed": false

See Example Person Record for a full example of the fields included in the data object.

Response Fields


ObjectThe matched profile in the format described in our Person Schema.

The data object contains the entire PDL profile for the person whose person_id matches the input request. Any profile field that we do not have data for will have a null value.


BooleanA flag that indicates whether we charged a credit for the record.

The billed field indicates whether we charged an API credit for returning this record. As of the April 2022 (v18) release, the Person Retrieve API only charges credits for returning new or updated records.

If an API call returns billed = true, one of the following is true:

  • The API returned a record that was never accessed before across any endpoint.
  • The API returned a record that was previously accessed (across any endpoint) but contains updated information from the last time it was accessed.

In the above cases, we will charge one credit for each API call.

If an API call returns billed = false, the API call returned a record that was previously accessed or an error occurred. In these situations, we will not charge any credits for the API call.


IntegerThe API response code.


Any request that does not return a 200 success response will instead use the format described in Errors.