Company Schema

Breakdown of the PDL Company Fields

The dot notation indicates that the property is one level deep inside a hash. If a field is not present then we’ll return an empty list or null value for that field.

Field Name                                        Field Type             Short                                                          Description                                                         Example                                              
affiliated_profilesList (String)A list of company IDs that PDL has flagged as being affiliated and having an association to this company (either parent or child)["engagio", "demandbase"]
alternative_domainsList (String)The list of alternate domains associated with this company.["", "", ""]
alternative_namesList (String)The list of names associated with this company filtered to ensure data quality["people data labs", "people data labs inc", "talentiq"]
employee_countIntThe current integer number of employees working at the company.78
facebook_urlStringPrimary company
foundedStringThe founded year of the company2015
headlineStringThe company's "headline" summaryyour single source of truth
idStringPDL company ID. This is currently non-persistent and generated from the company's primary linkedin usernamepeopledatalabs
industryEnum (String)Self reported industry -- the enum is from linkedin's standard industriescomputer software
linkedin_idStringPrimary company linkedin ID18170482
linkedin_urlStringPrimary company linkedin
location.address_line_2StringThe company's current HQ address line 2suite 1670
location.continentEnum (String)The company's current HQ continentnorth america
location.countryEnum (String)The company's current HQ countryunited states
location.geoStringThe company's current HQ city-level Geo37.77,-122.41
location.localityStringThe company's current HQ localitysan francisco
location.metroEnum (String)The company's current HQ metro (US only)san francisco, california
location.nameStringThe company's current HQ location name, generated from our canonical location data with the format locality, region, countrysan francisco, california, united states
location.postal_codeStringThe company's current HQ postal code94105
location.regionStringThe company's current HQ regioncalifornia
location.street_addressStringThe company's current HQ street address455 market st
nameStringThe company's main common namepeople data labs
profilesList (String)A list of all profiles associated with the company
sizeStringA range representing the number of people working at the company11-50
summaryStringCompany descriptionpeople data labs builds people data. use our dataset of 1.5 billion unique person profiles to build products, enrich person profiles, power predictive modeling/ai, analysis, and more. we work with technical teams as their engineering focused people data partner. we work with thousands of data science teams as their engineering focused people data partner. these include enterprises like adidas, ebay, and acxiom, as well as startups like madison logic, zoho, and workable. we are a deeply technical company, and are backed by two leading engineering venture capital firms - founders fund and 8vc.
tagsList (String)Tags associated with the company["data", "daas", "enrichment api"]
tickerStringCompany ticker (if type == public)MOO
twitter_urlStringPrimary company twitter
typeEnum (String)The type of the companyprivate
websiteStringPrimary company

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