Data Stats Tool

A free, no-code way to explore our data coverage for your enrichment needs

The Data Stats Tool

The Data Stats Tool provides a free, no-code way to explore our data coverage for your enrichment needs. Use it to preview the match rate of a Person or Company Enrichment batch by uploading a CSV file.

Use Cases

  • Assess data coverage: Easily download a report with the match rate and field fill rates for a Person or Company batch enrichment.
  • Anticipate enrichment volume: For both the Company and Person Enrichment APIs you only pay for API calls that return a successful match. For this reason, you can use match rate of a batch to estimate the credits you'll need. For example, if 90% of 1,000 records return a 200 match response code then you will need 900 credits.


How to retrieve the enriched list

The tool generates a free data stats report to preview batch enrichment coverage. To access the full report with enriched field values please contact a data consultant.

Where to Find It

Anyone with a People Data Labs account can access the tool from the API Dashboard. Make sure that you sign up for a free PDL API key, if you don't already have one.

How It Works



  • Only the first 5,000 records any CSV uploaded will be processed.
  • Each user can upload a maximum of 10 files. To run additional reports, please contact a data consultant.

What’s Next

Please check out the following pages for more information on the Data Stats Tool