Usage and Rate Limiting


Upcoming changes to the Header Fields in the July 2022 (v19) Release

In the upcoming July 2022 release, the schema for the rate limiting and credit usage header fields will be updated to more closely reflect the values displayed in the API dashboard for each customer. For more details, see the deprecation notice in the April 2022 release notes.

Rate Limiting

Rate limits are defined on a per-minute, per-key or per-endpoint basis. We use a fixed-window rate limiting strategy, so if your API key's rate limit is 100 requests per minute, those 100 api calls can be made at any interval within the 60 second window.

Rate limits for all of our API endpoints are separate. To calculate your rate limits, you can access the API dashboard or use the headers in your API response (as explained below.)

import requests

headers = {
    'X-api-key': #YOUR_API_KEY,
response = requests.head('', headers=headers).headers
curl -i -X GET \
  '' \
  -H 'X-Api-Key: xxxx'
HTTP/2 404 
date: Tue, 16 Jan 2018 17:38:18 GMT
content-type: application/json
content-length: 4731
server: nginx/1.11.13
x-totallimit-limit: 10000000
x-totallimit-remaining: 9723340
x-ratelimit-limit: 10000
x-ratelimit-remaining: 9999
x-ratelimit-reset: 1516124358
retry-after: 59

Header Name

Associated APIs




The number of seconds left until the current rate limit window resets.



The maximum number of requests you're permitted to make per minute.



DEPRECATED. Do not use.
The number of requests remaining in the current rate limit window.



The time at which the current rate limit window resets in UTC epoch seconds.


The maximum number of API requests that return a 200 you're able to make.


The number of API requests that return a 200 you have remaining.


The number of retrievable records from the Search API that you have remaining.


The number of API requests that return a 200 you have remaining.

If your account has a limit on the number of 200 API calls that you're able to make, once x-totallimit-remaining reaches zero, all succeeding api requests will return 403 errors, and once x-ratelimit-remaining reaches zero, all succeeding requests made will return 429 errors until the current rate limit window resets. If you'd like to increase your account's x-totallimit-limit or x-ratelimit-limit, please contact your account manager or reach out to us at [email protected]

The API Dashboard

All accounts are given access to a dashboard, which will allows you to manage your API keys, view usage and test new endpoints (when they are available.)

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