Securing our dataset is extremely important for both protecting individual's data and ensuring our data stays compliant with global data regulations.

From the PDL Side

We're committed to ensuring that our bulk data dumps are not exposed. We're extremely sensitive to this and have multiple whitehat partners who are searching the internet in an effort to find vulnerable data sets and clamp down on them before they are discovered by nefarious actors.

We are also continuing to update our Services Agreement and contracts in an effort to encourage our customers to secure the data and take initiative in ensuring the data is protected for all.

From the Customer Side

The most common way data is exposed is during its storage and processing. We understand the need to store such large datasets off-prem, but encourage you to read the following documentation if you are planning to use any of the below services:

Amazon S3

We do not recommend any services outside of these 5.

In addition to our standard customer onboarding, we're happy to hop on a call to help your engineering team ensure you are properly securing your data and/or do a security consultation.

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