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The dot notation indicates that the property is one level deep inside a hash. If a field is not present then we’ll return an empty list or null value for that field.*

Field NameTypePersistence Commitments and FormatShort DescriptionExample Value
certificationsArray (Object)Certification objects associated with this person profile
certifications.end_dateDateDate string. YYYY-MM-DDExpiration of certification2018-03
certifications.nameStringFree Text FieldInputted name of the certificationmachine learning certification
certifications.organizationStringFree Text FieldInputted organization awarding certificationcoursera
certifications.start_dateDateDate string. YYYY-MM-DDStart date of certification2019-04
education.rawArray (String)Free Text FieldRaw education input information. Parsed into the degrees/majors/minors fieldsbachelors of arts in entrepreneurship, business minor (String)Free Text FieldRaw school namesuniversity of oregon
education.summaryStringFree Text Field, CasedUser-inputted summary of educationwhen i was at oregon i volunteered at a local homeless shelter 3 days a week (String)Free Text FieldRaw company namesgoogle -- analytics team Text Field, capitalizedCompany TickerGOOG (String)TypesCompany Typepublic
experience.summaryStringFree Text Field, CasedUser-inputted summary of experienceworked on the "search analytics" team to understand our users better
experience.title.rawArray (String)Free Text FieldRaw titleschief executive officer and co-founder
inferred_salaryStringRangesinferred salary range -- Contact Us to learn how we infer70,000-85,000
inferred_years_experienceIntBetween 0 and 100Inferred years work experience7
job_company_tickerStringFree Text Field, capitalizedCurrent Company TickerGOOG
job_company_typeEnum (String)TypesCurrent Company Typepublic
job_summaryStringFree Text Field, CasedUser-inputted summary of experienceworked on the "search analytics" team to understand our users better
languagesArray (Object)Self-identified languages spoken
languages.nameStringCanonical LanguagesName of the canonical language the person inputtedenglish
languages.proficiencyEnum (Int)Score 1-5Self-identified proficiency score 1 (limited) - 5 (fluent)5
linkedin_connectionsIntTypically 0-500, some are the true values over 500Number of linkedin connections50
summaryStringFree Text Field, CasedSelf-written summaries tied to person profile (often linkedin summaries)growth-hacker and digital nomad

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